Why We Should All Add Some Colour To Our Home Decor This Winter

Colourful interiors can give us all an easy way to shake off the winter blues. Whether it’s using the rich hues of on-trend colours like teal and aquamarine, or even adding some vibrant acid brights to offset your grey beds, there’s nothing like a good dose of colour to combat those cold and dark days of midwinter!

Thankfully the mid-century modern trend is still going from strength to strength. This encourages all of us to implement weird and wonderful hues like restless olive, blue seafoam, and yellow gold in order to bring a little life into our interiors.

Whilst unusual colours like wasabi and flamingo pink might not be to everyone’s tastes, there’s no denying the fact that these colours are a great way to counter the dour brutalist interior trends that have been so dominant in recent times.

But what do you do if your home is one of those endlessly chic places that thrives on clean white walls and minimalist decor? This is where we can all learn a few tips from the Scandinavian design school.

Some of these examples of new Nordic style shows how these nations’ interior designers are pretty adept at introducing some stylish colour tones in a way that counters the lack of daylight in this part of the world in winter.

It’s all the more important as we have already seen how grey has proven to be one of 2017’s biggest interior trends, with even bed retailers like Bedstar featuring a blog on the benefits of grey beds.

But with a few well-chosen bursts of colour in the form of a striking wall print, a cushion covering, or even just a handily placed houseplant, we can give ourselves a good chance of introducing a little more life into our home decor.

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