Adidas Futurecraft 4D: How to create sneakers with Digital Light Synthesis

Adidas and Carbon have presented the first sports footwear manufactured using Futurecraft 4D, a technology that combines oxygen and light

In its constant effort to help athletes reach their full potential, adidas has introduced Futurecraft 4D, the first high performance technology applied to footwear manufacturing. Futurecraft 4D is the result an exhaustive data collection for 17 years , based on the natural movement of the foot.

Finally, the project has materialized in a product whose mediasuelas are created by a technology that combines oxygen and light through the Digital Synthesis of Light , a pioneering technology developed by Carbon.

How FutureCraft was born

Futurecraft 4D is the result of the Futurecraft project, which was born in 2014 as a tool that would allow adidas to change the design and manufacturing process of all its products. A year later theFuturecraft 3D Runner , the first high-performance adidas shoe created using a 3D printing technique, was launched.

Now, in 2017, adidas revolutionizes the large-scale production of sports footwear associating with Carbon thanks to the technology of Digital Synthesis of Light, which will become part of the production process of Speedfactories. In this way, it will be possible to offer products adapted to the specific needs of each individual according to physiological studies of the movement of each athlete.

Futurecraft 4D will produce 300 pairs of sports shoes in April 2017 for friends and family, followed by 500 pairs to be included in the Fall / Winter 2017 collections, a number that will increase in future seasons. According to adidas estimates, production is expected to exceed 100,000 pairs per year by the end of 2018 .

New era in design and manufacturing

Digital Light Synthesis technology is a pioneering process developed by Carbon – a technology company based in Silicon Valley – that combines digital light projection, an oxygen permeable optical process and a programmable liquid resin that generates a high strength polyurethane and Excellent performance.

Futurecraft 4D is the first production process in which adidas applies the Digital Light Synthesis with the intention of transforming the design and the production according to the particularities of each individual. It is therefore a matter of creating the best running shoe on the market , and for this, adidas has analyzed all the data collected on the study of foot movement, creating a midsole that provides excellent performance adapting to the demands of each athlete .

FUTURECRAFT-4D_PRODUCT HEROUnlike other production technologies, the Digital Light Synthesis allows to offer concrete solutions that respond to the individual needs of each athlete oncushioning, stability and comfort . The programmable resin platform developed by Carbon offers unprecedented performance in terms of strength and elastomeric response.

In addition, this new industrial approach overcomes all the obstacles of the old production processes, such as 3D digital printing, which suffered from slow-scale production, quality defects in finishes, limitations in the use of materials and in The use of the chromatic range.

More information on the FutureCraft 4D page .

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