After Dancing Uncle, A Video Of A Girl Dancing On Treadmill Goes Viral

Social Media is the place where we regularly have seen some crazy stuff. People try out new things and then share it on social media and in no time they also become famous. Some things work out and people highly applaud it, in fact, some pics and videos become a rage on the internet, while some receive a flak.

A video of a 50-year-old man is going viral on the social media from last three-four days for all the right reasons. The man is showing his super amazing dance moves on the hit track. We have seen dancing him on Soni De Nakhre to Tamma Tamma. Actually, he is no a dancer but assistant professor of Electronics at Bhabha Engineering Research Institute.

And now, a video of a girl going viral. This is not the normal dancing video but she is dancing to a Punjabi song, and below her is a treadmill, not the ground!

Yes, she is dancing on the treadmill and her killer moves are so on point that seems she is trained enough to walk as well as dance on a treadmill.  Dancing on Punjabi no. ‘Jaani Tera Naa’ sung by Sunanda Sharma, she is receiving appreciations.

Watch the video here:


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