Aishwarya’s Butterfly Gown at Cannes Took 3000 Hours To Make, Says designer Michael Cinco

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has proved once again that she is the best and no one can beat her when it comes to elegance.

After becoming a real-life Cinderella at 2017’s Cannes red carpet, the well-known actress stunned everyone once again at 2018 Cannes Festival by putting on a new couture robe by ace dress designer Michael Cinco.

“The gown was created to reflect the impalpable dream of a butterfly metamorphosis,” Cinco stated.

The Dubai-based fashion ace did not be sparing with on the features for this garb: it’s fully wrapped in Swarovski gemstones and French palettes; it comprises midnight blue, ultra-violet, along with red yarn works. In addition, the dress features a 20-foot train, which imitates “a butterfly coming out from its cocoon.”

In addition, its body-hugging shape and sweetheart neckline accolade Bachchan’s figure in a perfect way.

The detailed dress took around 3,000 hours to get ready, Cinco revealed. (That makes around 125 days if the dress-makers worked continuously.)

At first, Cinco made the crystal filled garb for a Swarovski exhibition, however, Ash assisted to make the look her own.

“We worked closely with Aishwarya and her team in creating the perfect fit and making minor alterations to best suit her,” the designer added up.

This is Ash’s second year consecutively putting on a Cinco original. The actress made just as eye-catching of an entrance during the last summer a chilly blue ball dress by Cinco. The Disney princess comparisons were expected.

After teaming up two years in a row for the international red carpet event, Bachchan Bahu and Cinco prove to be a designer-and-muse power duo.

“Aishwarya’s style is truly empowering,” he gushed. “She uses fashion to instill confidence and reflect a sense of empowerment that is not only beautiful, but also very inspiring. Her timeless style radiates such an allure, as she’s so well versed in her every curve, knowing exactly how to dress to accentuate her defining assets.”

We can’t wait to witness what look the pair debuts on next

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