Al Franken’s Military ‘Escort’ on USO Tour Disputes Leeann Tweeden Claims

Maybe Tweeden is fulla shit?

An excerpt from The Improper: A former military officer claiming to be Al Franken’s escort during his 2006 USO tour with Leeann Tweeden is disputing the former Playboy model and Hannity protege’s account of being sexual harassed by the then-comedian.

But a man who identifies himself as “TT” on Twitter said today he was Franken’s “escort officer” on the trip. His recollection of the tour is starkly different than Tweeden’s.

“Strange, I was Al Frankin’s Escort officer…I don’t remember any of this except there was a lot of good natured joking in a crowded room…I was with him the entire time on base…” he wrote.

“He had an escort on every base during waking hours…I even stayed with him in the bathroom…If I saw anything that was inappropriate, it was my job to report it…BTW I am an independent, who did Leeanne vote for???” he added.

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