Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan is a successful pair on screen. Every time they have come together, there have been fireworks. Yes, they have an apparent chemistry which is too hard to ignore and it sure translates on screen too. Masses look at them as kick-ass entertainers and producers perceive them as a viable couple. They are beyond SENSATIONAL on screen and we can’t get enough of them. Luckily both know this and so never leave out on a single opportunity to come together for a film. They are currently working on Kalank together and Varun spoke to Filmfare on Alia, his favourite collaborator on screen and said that though he would never take relationship advice from her, their relationship is more of a professional nature.

He said, “She’s the last person I’ll take relationship advice from. One good thing about our friendship is that we don’t discuss those aspects of our lives with each other. Our discussions are around work because both of us are equally driven about our careers. But yes most of the time, we end up making fun of each other.”

Talking about the professional aspect of their friendship he said, “The best thing is she helps me with my character. She does all the work. She cracks my character. She also gives me references. (Laughs) Until she doesn’t do that, there’s a lot of friction on the sets. Till that doesn’t happen, I’m not happy with her. If she doesn’t act out my scenes, she’s not doing her job as a co-star.”

He added, “We’re pretty much the same. As you do more films, the love and respect grow for each other. During Kalank I told Alia, ‘You have become old’. I’ve seen her since she was so small yaar. Even she says that I’ve aged and my beard is growing faster.”