Also eat Sanghara in winter season

Onagra is a special gift of winter. It grows abundantly in Pakistan and India. Its plant grows in swamps, standing water and lakes. Its seeds are triangular in shape. China is the largest producer of Sanghara in the world. Sanghara is also called “Chestnut” in English.
It is rich in Polyphenolic, Flavonoids and Antioxidants. In addition to being anti-bacterial and anti-virus, Sanghara also resists cancer cells. Potassium, Vitamin B in Sanghara B6 and E (vitamins B, B6 and E) starch (carbohydrates), manganese, proteins and minerals are found in healthy ingredients.

Potassium normalizes high blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of heart disease, while Vitamin B6 helps in getting good sleep and relieves insomnia. It also produces happiness. In addition, vitamins B and A promote hair growth, which is why people who eat Sanghara have thick and beautiful hair.
Sanghara has less calories, so it helps in weight loss. Sanghara juice also has good effects on health. If one suffers from nausea, drinking sanghara juice will eliminate nausea. Eating sanghara improves memory, so it is a useful fruit for the brain.
Sanghara is used in Greek medicine to cure many ailments.
These diseases include gastrointestinal ulcers, jaundice, asthma, dysentery, recurrent miscarriages and bladder problems. Flour is also made from sorghum. Copper and riboflavin are also found. This flour also contains a lot of starch. It increases physical energy.

Sanghara has no gluten or cholesterol at all, so heart patients and people who are sensitive to gluten can eat it without fear and danger. If a person is bothered by cough, he should take Sanghara. Grind it to make a powder and eat it twice a day with water, its cough will go away. This is the best recipe to get rid of cough.
Fresh Sanghara also relieves inflammation of the limbs and the intensity of thirst. It also removes dryness and roughness of the throat. (Licorice) complains.
Sanghara improves blood circulation. Vitamin B dissolved in fat is useful for skin.
It helps build new red blood cells, so people with anemia should eat Sanghara daily. As it is a fruit that boosts the immune system, it is effective against corona virus. It can act as a shield. Water should not be drunk for half an hour after eating sanghara. Diabetics can eat it in small quantities as fresh sanghara contains high amount of starch.
It is better for diabetics to eat Sanghara after consulting their doctor.
Eat Sanghara daily in winter season, it is a wonderful fruit in getting rid of various diseases. In addition, it is no less than any other fruit in taste and flavor, but it should be avoided in large quantities, otherwise in the stomach. Complaints of pain, odor or constipation may occur.

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