Amazing medical benefits of Arvi

This vegetable is mostly grown in cities and low lying areas. It is a root vegetable like potato. Its soft buds and roots are also used as a vegetable. It grows more in hot humid climate. For the first time in April. And then in September when in March and April in the hilly areas Sahil is sown twice and this crop is ready in five or six months.
It is an underground vegetable. Arvi is a laced and popular vegetable. Usually the golden leaves of its root are thrown away though these leaves are very useful and have a very pleasant taste when eaten together. Are
Arvi’s curry
It is used as a vegetable curry, which is made from both dry and brothy curry.

The leaves are very soft and delicate and they are also used as a vegetable. They are given the status of separate vegetables, while their cultivation is common.
Treatment of weakness
Arvi is a very healthy food.
After a few days of use, it cures weakness and dry cough.
It is a somewhat constipating vegetable but it does not remain constipated by the use of certain spices.
Arvi is cold in temperament. If it is cooked separately, it is more prone to cold and if it is cooked with meat or anything else, it is mild.
Skin diseases and inflammation
It is an elixir for skin diseases and arvi is an excellent food for patients with high blood pressure.
It also increases weight. Arvi is a vegetable that is extremely useful for men. It removes kidney weakness and increases strength. It is the best treatment for male weakness.
For obese bodies
If arvi is used as a saline, then weak body people become fat. It helps in removing dry skin and facial wrinkles.
Urinary and bladder diseases
Arvi broth curry is very useful for removing urinary and bladder diseases. Peel Arvi before eating it and put salt in it. When its water comes out, wash it and use it.

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