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The cancer is a dangerous disease of modern times. Similarly, obesity is an incurable but not necessarily incurable disease so far asyr alalaj. In this context, Europe is slimming centers that have been introduced in all the cities of Pakistan but conditions are becoming less stronghold direct food use pesticides center exercises with the human obesity. But until healthy lives and how it uses this method leaves the disease is still dominant.
Public life I have had the opportunity to see one of the thousands of patients who were too fat and chubby. Therapeutic exercise and has used food as medicine and that he himself surprised and even when he appeared to the great benefit of the drug, but later came back in the same condition. I hope it is a cost-effective and convenient, and note the following recipe that will give value.
Million fine 50 grams
Black cumin 50 grams
Nigella seeds 50 grams
Use all medications to prepare the powder coat-piece capsules and large capsules twice a day before meals with water at a time to fill out two. God willing, it was already certain advantages will appear more frustrating than walking a very old lady who is now running. When the same recipe used was tired of being used for treatment and prescription weight permanently and when to use the seventeen pounds during a period of only two months. . . . And “Three things must not be used”. (Krsmat of nigella seeds)
Rice, sugar and fat, these are the things that make you fat and unnecessary human obesity
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