Amazing Video Of Plane Crash

So guys, this is one of those scary yet amazing videos which you don’t see every day. It’s a live plane crash video recorded with a GoPro camera – one of those small, mobile and waterproof cameras that people often use to record stuns and stuff.

Source: ABC News

Ferdinand Puentes, the man who recorded the video, was flying off the coast of Hawaii last year when he and his fellow passengers noticed their plane was going down into the ocean. It was a life threatening situation but, surprisingly, everyone remained perfectly calm.

Yup, everyone remained calm, there was no screaming and crying. All of them quickly found their life vests and successfully escaped from the drowning plane. It was kind of weird to see.

Ferdinand Puentes had the whole thing caught on tape with his small GoPro camera. He even took a selfie after they successfully disembarked the drowning plane.

Just imagine what was in their heads when they saw the plane falling down. Try to imagine yourself in their position. How would you react? Could you remain so calm as all the other passengers or would you be scared to death and unable to move? Just, try to think about it.

How to react in those kinds of situation where your very own life is at stake. Scary!!!

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