Amy Schumer Has A New Movie With All The Standard Tropes You Can Handle

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About halfway into this trailer of our Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty, you finally get the underlying of the message of the movie. The first half of the trailer sets everything up: Our gal Renee Barrett (Schumer) is frustrated with all the mod cons of online dating life — “They only care about the picture,” she cries as she laments not being attractive enough, even late-night blowjob after trolling Craigslist’s ‘Casual Encounters,’ one assumes.

Then, Renee knocks herself out, only to reawaken as a conventionally beautiful woman, but only in her mind. We, the audience, still get stuck with Amy — a pasty casing, filled with mayonnaise and the overeager thirst to play to the camera.

This is where the movie’s lesson kicks in — dumpy Renee finds self-esteem and happiness from within, which crosses over to her real life. The premises has been done before with far better results. The Farrelly Brothers did it with much more heart and and humor with Shallow Hal, but there are dozens of other “switched-conscience” movies that reduce I Feel Pretty into what feels like another never-ending SNL skit.

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