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Angel and Demon, both sides of SEO

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The SEO universe is very large. About SEO you’re going to hear a lot of advice, you will see countless post talking about it.  Some will tell you to do SEO is the best way to move up , other content and perseverance are your cards ascent to Olympus Top 10 of Google. I think there are no absolute truths  concerning this, but positive and negative experiences with a particular behavior in regard to SEO.



SEO on Page

First pattern. Do not obsess with SEO , obsessing you will end up thinking more in the search box on the person when writing and eventually this behavior will be penalized by Google and what is worse, for your readers.

Posts to know SEO in my opinion what we do should master and practice in the most natural way possible is the SEO On Page . And because? Because SEO On Page supposed to write a coherent, orderly and structured for both the user and the search engine. It is the technique through which will show the heart of tinplate Google (because Google is not a person!) To your post speaks with a particular relevance to a particular topic and therefore deserves weight positioning for people seeking information on the same subject.

The SEO is good

Seo On page incorporates your waynaturally to write:

– Use at least tags H1 and H2 . In H1 always the key word. -Density Of keywords in the text: Do not obsess either the density or look to add more times than normal text keyword for fear of ” having not repeated enough times .” Put as many times as you naturally write it out, no more. -Use The bold appropriately: it no longer put the keyword in boldface repeated times, this is now Keyword Stuffing.

Stresses words and phrases that make sense since many people sometimes scan the text reading only the parts in bold. -Photographs Images with corresponding text Alt describing some context regarding the post you are writing. -Google Is increasingly semantic and better understood.

Use synonyms instead of always the same keyword. – Place links to old post varying the anchor text. This further enhances the user experience. -Place The end of the article the typical section ” You may also be interested...” with links to previous posts.

This possibly achieve your visit to stay longer on the page and now Google rewards sites with more time on page and a larger number of page views with better positioning. -Place Outbound links to authority sites , links to Wikipedia, a major blogs in your industry, so that the search engine know that your blog known reference sites in your niche.


Off Page SEO

Off page seoOf Page SEO or off-page is part of the positioning that deals with the most delicate part, the links . Pages receive a penalty of Google (which is quite serious) mostly are for having misused the techniques of SEO Off Page, either through misuse of directories disreputable or incorrect and / or abusive exchange links with other sites of poor quality…

So this is the part that perhaps less interest you to know [at least in an initial phase]  (ami cost me a long time to understand this) and less need to worry, because the natural is that SEO Off Page occurs ” single ” and naturally people to link your content with anchor text distitos and to various parts of your blog and not only to the home.

Meet the SEO On Page and care with SEO Off Page.

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