Arista bank -How to make money online in Pakistan, How to make money online in India 2021

About AristaBank

AristaBank is a next-generation fintech bank that lets any Money holder earn an impressive APY and keep their assets safe. Our deposit plans allow you to earn 200% in Bitcoin and Ethereum in just 29 to 40 days. That’s right – in just 30 days, you can double your investment! While other investment projects require that you lock up your capital for months, we pay you back in a few short weeks. Browse our investment plans here.

Not ready to invest? To help you decide, AristaBank gives away free Bitcoin! Every registered user gets 2,000 sat per day with our free deposit. As the price of Bitcoin keeps rising, you will soon have a significant sum of money simply by accumulating free satoshis.

AristaBank uses quantitative analysis to identify those assets that will rally soon, as well as the best opportunities in DeFi. That’s how we manage to ensure high returns every week and offer such impressive interest rates for our customers.

AristaBank is a legal company registered in the UK. To protect our customers, we meticulously comply with the UK fintech legislation. You can view our registration documents below.


Arista financial unity ltd



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