Artificial lights we are physically weak research

Journal of Cell Press can Journal nykbrdar researchers has published the latest research in artificial lights weaken us physically and can lead to diseases in muscles and bones, good food hyn.lndn -lugun and the exercise should consider including a healthy habit in your list that they put the house lights in the night, suggest scientists presented a new study which found negative health effects of artificial light hyn.jrydh “cell press journal” the researchers in the latest study, published nykbrdar artificial lights that can be physically weak and welcomed us, and lead to suffering from bone diseases hyn.janurun the was the lead author Johanna Mayer, medical research, related to the Dutch Leiden University medical Center, he seems to us to write in their research paper that there is no loss of light and darkness or health is not affected but, it reviews the study were collected from laboratories around the world were all pointing in the same direction, it is not true that our research found Makhlouf said that environmental and natural rhythms of day or night vertigo is essential to our health and the result of the absence of the natural cycle of the night comes in the form of numerous health problems. these inflammatory immune system health problems, loss of muscle, and early bone diseases symptoms include hyn.sayns politicians were pointing to the weakness of the physical changes that appear in the study, which is usually seen in older animals and humans, but researchers there also appeared encouraging hy.mhqq Johanna Mayer said the good news is that we also showed that the negative effects on health can be restored back to the natural cycle of day and night between deprivation and disease hy.dn and night cycle to investigate the relationship researcher Mayer and his colleagues placed mice exposed to artificial light and continuous 24-week results of the study of health care lya.janurun brain activity that continuous illumination of mind the srkydyn was influenced rhythms and disturbances in the normal pattern of intervention in natural processes and rhythms srkydyn night showed the loss of muscle tha.mhqqyn animals in the natural environment for 2 weeks to rats when I srkydyn pacemaker “s C” Neurons faster than normal back in rhythm, and they ended up having negative effects on animal health and 75 percent of the world according to their health better at night gyy.mhqqyn I especially under artificial lights, artificial light exposure hospitals and the people who work at night is more common in care live in constant light hyn.mhqqyn suggested that in terms of the continued use of artificial light the need to exercise caution especially the elderly and vulnerable people

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