Asthma – a treatable disease

Allergies can lead to a number of disorders, the most dangerous of which is asthma, which is caused by inflammation of the airways. In fact, when the particles that cause allergies enter the lungs. If they do, they become swollen and become so narrow that it becomes difficult to breathe. The common misconception about this disease is that it goes away with asthma, but it is not true at all.
The disease is treatable and can be controlled, provided the doctor’s instructions are followed.
Symptoms of asthma include coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, recurrent infections, and chest pain. Dust, dust, pollen, hair and feathers, birds, red bags, food on wood, no emotional stress, fights, fights, chest infections, smoking, certain drugs, certain heart disorders, digestive system These include breakdowns, hard work, kerosene, perfumes, powder use, dust mites, car smoke and spray paint.

SPIROMETRY: a device that measures the capacity of the lungs to breathe, a chest x-ray, a blood test, and in some cases a variety of allergy tests are usually recommended to diagnose asthma.

Because there is no cure for asthma, physicians usually prescribe herbalists or specific medications that are effective in reducing the severity of the disease.

At present, a new treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration is also used, which is called Bronchial Therapy. As a result of this treatment, the lungs of some patients may become swollen and sometimes asthma may become severe. Treatment is not beneficial for patients with mild to moderate illness. It is only effective for patients who have not recovered from other treatments.

Research has shown that vitamin D is very useful in the treatment of asthma patients. In fact, vitamin D strengthens the immune system and patients who have high levels of vitamin D in their body. In addition, steroids are also prescribed to treat asthma, but these drugs do not work for all patients. As a precautionary measure, all The most important thing is to avoid the factors that increase the severity of asthma, such as polluted environment, perfumes and dust, etc. If you are allergic to something, you should stop using it and consult your doctor. The instructions must be followed.

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