ATM. . . Automated Thanking Machine

Well guys, as you can see at the very beginning of this video “ Sometimes you just want to say thank you ” – and that is exactly what this video is about. It is, pretty much, about saying “ thank you ” to ordinary people.

Just watch the video till the end and see how a simple thank you can bring smile to their faces (and of course, giving them gifts brought even bigger smiles to their faces).

So, some people decided to turn a couple of ATM’s (automated teller machines) into automated thank you machines as a part of a #MakeTodayMatter campaign. Isn’t that just amazing guys?!

After some exploring, we found out this video comes from Canada (who would’ve guessed eh?) which shows us that Canadians are truly the most polite people on planet Earth. I mean, come on, even their public transportation is polite

Think about it guys, by making people happy, you will surely be a happier person. Just…. Just think about that! It would make the world a lot better place if more people were like Canadians. ☺

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