ATTENTION! 5 Factors that increase the risk of skin cancer.

With the enlargement of ozone depletion, cases of skin cancer have increased in recent times.
Given this situation, it is important to prevent. Therefore, I want to comment on what the main risk factors that increase the chance of developing this disease for you to take note and can reduce your exposure to them are.

1. Travel by car

Traveling by car

Travelling by car every day can develop a higher risk of skin cancer .According to a study conducted in 2010 at the School of Medicine, St. Louis, as many cases of cancer they are found on the left side of the body. This side is precisely on resting on the window drivers.


To placate this risk, incorporates a filter against UV radiation in your car.

2. Be redhead and having clear complexion

Having red hair and fair skin extremely strongly influences thechances of developing skin cancer . Do you have these qualities? Let me tell you that you can prevent any problems in the skin using sunscreen.

3. sunburn blisters

According to some scientific studies, blisters caused by the sun increased to 50% the risk of developing melanoma .
Note that, once again, use sunscreen only protection factor 15 or higher reduces the risk up to 50%.

4. Living in the mountains

Living in a mountainous area and height increases the likelihood of skin cancer because UV rays these areas are often much more powerful than at sea level.

5. The use of viagra

One of the contraindications that brings this little blue pill friend of many is the danger of sun exposure after taking it. In this sense, one of the most visible consequences is the risk of melanoma or skin cancer .
Is our recommendation? Use protective daily basis (not only when you go to the beach in summer!) And do not overdo sun exposure. Its damage is cumulative and no sense suffer them for no fad.
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