Australian engineers have dynaka first cowboy to develop robots

The robot is designed to track the cattle herd has installed cameras and other advanced equipment hynsdny Australian experts have developed a ‘cowboy robots, tracking the herds III-D cameras and other modern is equipped. The team from the University of Sydney developed, receptionist boot ‘robot called’ crops and cabbage can take more than 6 times the speed of humans. The robot is being tested in the UK. This robot can walk on uneven spaces.enemy robots more care of animals and crops will be developed in stages to clear weeds.cabbage can be removed quickly. It is out of the soil of 95 percent accuracy on field cabbage This robot was used three-D camera robots, according to Microsoft kaynytk hy.lnkn University experts cabbage, which is extracted from the hands of the fields it is very time consuming and expensive. This robot can be several times faster. Such sophisticated robots will soon reap his harvest common

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