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Most women are accustomed to thinking too much. They think of anything all the time. For example, if a friend says something bad to her, she will think about it all day long. Problems facing her husband. She spends all day thinking about how her children’s exams are falling short or about the poor health of her elderly parents.
Such women subconsciously think that if they think, everything will get better and if they think too much, everything will get better.
But according to Dr. Susan Noelin Hoxima, a professor of psychology in Michigan USA, this thinking is wrong.

Most women have a store of thinking about the past and the present, and a never-ending stream of thoughts about the fear of the future. As a result, women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression.
Biological, social, socio-economic conditions also cause women to suffer from immediate depression. But thinking too much is a destructive habit and it is better to give it up immediately.
Finding an excuse for every problem is the best way to get rid of this habit. Try to find a solution to every problem. Thinking about the causes of people’s problems and their solutions will definitely change your attitude and you will be able to satisfy yourself as well as keep your family happy.

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