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Pic shows: Sylwester Wardega was arrested. His video of a mutant spider dog got 133 million views on Youtube last year.
A Polish prankster whose video of a mutant spider dog got 133 million views on YouTube last year has been jailed.
Sylwester Wardega was arrested after dressing up as an old man with his trousers down and pretending to use public bins as a toilet in a shopping centre in the Polish capital Warsaw.
The 2.58 minute film begins with him spinning around on an escalator at the central train station next door to the shopping centre as a bemused conductor looks on.
He is then filmed trying to catch carp in a tank in Tesco with a fishing rod.
When a security guard comes over and asks him what he’s doing, he pushes him away and tells him to “sshhh.”
In another scene he is sitting on a shopping mall escalator with his trousers round his ankles and throws a toilet roll at a security guard’s head before running off.
The video, which was made in March last year has to date had over 7 million views.
Writing on his Facebook, Wardega announced he had been sentenced to a month in jail.
He wrote: “I just got convicted for a month imprisonment (sic).
“Because of the film ‘Grandpa Prank’ and the situation in which I allegedly ran around Zloty Tarasy (the shopping centre) with my pants down while I pretended to have physiological needs.
“Ok, I understand, you do not run around with no pants in public … but I was wearing shorts.”
A court official confirmed: “He was sentenced to a month in prison for indecent exposure.”
Stunned fans have now reacted with disbelief.
Anna Nowak, 24, said: “It is ridiculous.
“First, it is clear that this video was a joke.
“He wasn’t exposing himself as he had skin covered pants on.
“And anyway, how do can they prove it was him? He was wearing a grandpa mask.”

This was supposed to be one of those scary prank videos, but come on. Just look at that dog. Isn’t that the cutest dog in a spider costume ever?!

Source: SA Wardega

Let us be realistic here, who the fuck are these people and how the fuck did a dog in a spider costume manage to scare them. Maybe they were all high on that Salvia Drug. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s an article about that, potentially dangerous, drug: salvia.

But seriously, that dog is really really cute. He does not even understand what the hell is going on nor why are people running away from him scared to death. He looks so cute and innocent, we simply can’t understand how those people got scared to death. . If we were there, we’d stop by and pet that cute little dog; we certainly wouldn’t run away from him like a bunch of pussies. Yeah, that’s right, we said it. We think that people on the video are all pussies, running away from such a cute doggie.

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