Beans; Friends of Heart and Shirts

This will surely be in your knowledge that the cholesterol levels are reduced to the bleeding and pulses of the pulses, but now a special study of a hundred eleven women has come to the women who eat beans. It is more flexible, due to which they are more secure than high blood pressure and heart attacks.

According to a study report of the American Heart Association, the use of nutrients hormone (Fitrogen) is more flexible and soft.
The veins of the beans are not more stringent than women who eat beans are more severe than women. Beans’ hormones were found in the highest soybean, but the effects of other types of foods are also effective and effective.

For example, the use of different objects, sau’bisney ‘, use more protection to the meat compared to meat. Oh, the dish of the pebles involved in the rigid onion ” Being more healthy due to the increase of dysfunctional peppers or yoghs, because it can provide significant mineral salt and health in a natural way other than fiber.

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