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Hands are not measured to test, torture ‘falsely cracks, and the secret of the arms fills the secret. Sometimes hand indicators are better than words compared to words, focuses on them
Hand cleaning
You will definitely feel strange, but it is the fact that you will not clean your hands for many days.

You may be able to wash them at different times of the day, so it is soap on it during the drainage, but it is not really clean that they need. Hand care should be a part of your daily beauty. You should also pay attention to your hands as you give on your face.

Every night you want to wash your hands with soap, nails’ koticles and gutts, and try to get rid of all hair in rub and rub tightly and they can be strictly rubbish and they can be your skin on your day. Make a part of the usual.

Your skin will be like malnutrition and silk. If you are dense hair, then you start using standard vaccine. This process will not only be guaranteed to be clean and malnutrition, but it will also be caused by the hair growth. Pay special attention to your story. They are constructed as a constructive constructive, for which it is rough and dark.
Take the lemons on the elbow so that it is clean and soft.

Perfect nails are the necessary components of charming hands. The regular triangle of the nails and keeping them outdoors is important. But besides this, good diet is also necessary to keep nails healthy. There should be a proper amount of calcium in the diet so that the nails remain strong.

Milk and dairy products include fish and benzes in your diet.
It has been observed that gelatin is especially helpful for nails. A tea-shaped common jealous will be strong once again with water or drinking in the fur juice. The result of being further strengthened by nails will appear after 2 to 3 months and you have to take gelatin because it is not permanent treatment.

It means that your nails should be strong after 2-3 months, do not abandon the use of Tajalatin. Try trimming nails every week. Nails need to be tied and do not delay nails. Collect every item in advance so that you do not need to find items at the same time. Do these instructions. You will need a cup of soap water.
With this cotton will be orange stick ‘Cotton Clares or Qinchi, Nail Polish Remover, Base Coat Nail Pash and Celler. Before starting, rub your hands and rub off the nails. Then you should take a distance to the table and sit on the table and keep all the things you need to keep in your hands with the help of Nile Polish Remover.

Clean with caution, especially round kiteskes.
Using the excellent side of the Paper Regulation (Emperi Board) and thumping it on the front of the nails to 45 to the angle so that you are just filing the bottom on the bottom) So that the nail plate is avoided separately. Do not even file independent edges of nails.
(Do not worry) because there is a need to protect the nails from the breakdown. Avoid using metal reset (file) because it damages nails.

When you file the nails according to your desired sheep, then shield the edges. The slope means to mix the edge of the nails, and for it, winding up the paperwork and brush them down on the bottom of the edges.
In this process, use the papers to use the fine side and act only in one direction. This will help the nail plate layers to be sealed and avoid becoming layers.

Inside the chemicals of a few cautious creams and nails to the nails in the soap water filled with a few minutes so that the keys are soft.
Either hunt two with an arrow. Ie get two benefits from an action. Place the nails in the small oil small bowl of peanuts.
Oil works as a camotical ramor, and it is also excellent for nails. Because it keeps the kotal kernel and guts. Dry nails and get hand cream on them.

Wrap on the Orange Stick nine edge of cotton wool and dabbits it in the catalyst removal or oil. Practice carefully in the sides of the kites so that they should be loose from the nail plate and then push it back with no relaxation.

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