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With the arrival of the latest technology & new innovations now the trends have been changed in the World. No one can deny the reality of beauty in this universe. Looking beautiful is the dream of everybody living in this World. With the changing environment & due to the latest trends now the Fashion has also become modernized. Now lots of cosmetics are available in the markets & women are looking crazy for the use of these

It is the reality that for centuries women are doing lots of things to make their selves more pretty. So if we talk about the Fashion then makeup is the Necessary item from all the components of Fashion. Makeup is really a very vast area to talk about but the focus mostly remains on the Body makeup. Every Woman in the World is well aware about the makeup & its uses. The Women use makeup in order to increase their beauty texture & to hide the aging affect. But from all the above discussion there is also another side of the Picture. It is the reality that makeup reduces the age of the women & increases the beauty but on the other side women are using lots of cosmetics & chemical products without knowing that what kinds of effect they leave on our skin. This is the concern thing which the women should keep in their minds. The makeup is mainly done on parties or some special occasions. No doubt about it that makeup is the quick solution to look pretty & get the attention from the people but if the women try to focus on their foods & exercise then in the very short period of time they will get a natural long lasting beauty. We all know that health care is the only solution of maintaining the beauty. It not only gives us charm on our face but we can protect ourselves from many diseases as well. So the People who don’t take care of their health they mainly focus on makeup which makes them prominent in a minute.body makeup

The celebrities & all the people who are attached with showbiz use makeup to get a lovely texture on the face. Now in the market lots of cosmetics & makeup products are available but some of them are very harmful for the sensitive skin. For example some products are being made with the pigment, waxes & oils & some amazingly comes from the resources like rusts & insects. Some Cosmetics of well known companies are also available in the markets where in the production of these cosmetics some vitamins & minerals used which are really good for the skin. Here we will discuss what type of Makeup Products are necessary for the Sensitive Skin & what are the Products which are harmful for us. So the selection of suitable makeup products is very important. Here below we will discuss about the disadvantages & advantages of the makeup.

Disadvantages of Makeup

The use of excessive lip stick & balm can create irritation & sometimes person not remains in a position to talk. It can also breakout the lips. Similarly it is very important to know what types of Products are useful for your skin. It is noted that people use expensive products with highly brand name without knowing the advantages & disadvantages that really causes some serious skin problems. It is commonly seen that mostly women uses excessive makeup to hide the spots on their face but it is very alarming situation because it can cause blemishes which are the black spots that occurred with the excessive use of cosmetics & sometimes it can cause lots of irritation. So with the use of fruits which contain vitamins can overcome this problem. The Dangerous thing to talk about is cancer which results in the use of makeup on very sensitive areas & when not manages properly. It is also noted that the use of kajal & mascara on the eyes also damages the layers of the eyes very easily. So take care while uses these products.

Advantages of Makeup

On the Other side there are lots of products available in the Markets which have no side effects because these are made up with the natural components & are useful for the skin. So while we talk about the selection then this is the meaning which I mentioned now. So in this part of article I will tell you about the use & the advantages of the Makeup. Always use the natural products made by the Reliable companies because they are approved by the Dermatologists. Similarly the natural products have been made to make sure that these are suitable for every type of the skin tone. So these products can be used without any tension. These Products are made according to the high standards & after complete satisfaction they send to the markets.


The main thing which should keep in mind wile applying makeup on your face is that avoids the sensitive areas like backside of the cheeks & be careful while using Kajal & mascaras. After Applying makeup properly brushes so that no remaining particle irritates you. After Applying these suggestion on your body I hope that you will feel more comfortable by using the Makeup.

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