Before the wedding ceremony, she accepted, The bride groom accidentally throws such a conscious aradyyy, it will not forget the day life

NEW YORK (K) may be the most shocking him for a hapless groom, the wedding party embraced in front of the bride, accept, be vomiting just before they are calling it be the almost ruined . This tragic event into reality during a wedding held in the US state of Hawaii and it was unfortunate that the event was broadcast live on the Internet.
This tragic incident can be seen in the video circulating on social media that the wedding ceremony was being held in the picturesque surroundings of the beach. The bride and groom dressed in wedding dress stands pastor had specific religious words prharha marriage. While the bride said, “I paid over, in sickness and in health, I will support you.” The words were the same age vomiting groom insisted that he was repeating such filth on the beach and by bkhrgyy. Toward his bride flowers groom holding hands in helplessness was upset at the scene, the pastor turned ghbragya and ordered to immediately stop the video.
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The root cause of the tragic incident with the groom could not know, but it must give a party last night wedding that emerged was a hotel where gourmet groom impose large amounts of such foods guests were also left behind.

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