Being Half Yoruba And Half Igbo Has Been A Big Plus For Me – Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade has pushed her career to the forefront to becoming one of the best in the continent in a bid to bring different African cultures together through music.

Recently in October 2016, Yemi won the Best Female Act Awards at the MAMA Awards, making it the second time she won.

In 2015, she won the Best Female at the MTV African Music Awards, her 2016 album, Mama Africa, hit No.1 on the continent’s iTunes chart, and she was named an ambassador for Africa Fashion Week in April.

Her album, Mama Africa has been described as incredible, as Yemi draws from Ghanaian highlife, Ivorian dance music style coupé-décalé, as well as American hip-hop and pop, in a sharpen of sounds she calls “afropolitan.”

In an interview with FADER, Yemi Alade speaks on how she is bringing African cultures together to mean more to her listeners.

Being Half Yoruba and Half Igbo has made me access different cultures

I couldn’t have put it better. Tribe is a very strong factor in Nigeria, and coming from two major tribes is a big plus for me. Personally, it’s helped me embrace both cultures, and you can see through the fact that it’s all just one culture. Just some different names attached to it and different languages.

On how her new single “Tumbum” discusses how food is central to Nigerian culture.

In Nigeria, food isn’t just for consumption but is a cultural representation. Different states in the country are known for their indigenous delicacies. Permit me to say, ‘by their food you shall know them.’ It’s true that the “Tumbum” video only briefly sheds light on rural areas in Nigeria; I wanted it to be relatable for Africa as a whole 

Watch Tumbum Video here:

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