The benefits of eating muesli for breakfast

Many nutritionists recommend muesli for breakfast because they contain complex carbohydrates that are released slowly in our organism and keep our blood sugar levels stable.

If they are consumed with soy milk or yogurt, as a source of protein, then you have a fully balanced meal that provides everything your organism needs for the upcoming day.

Forty years of studying have proved the impact of breakfast on human health – starting the day with breakfast is beneficial to everyone, regardless of age. “Morning meal is important for every organ in the body. When you omit breakfast, you often feel tired, restless and irritable” says Gail Frank, a nutritionist from Los Angeles.


Besides giving us energy, breakfast has proven effect on weight loss, prevention of diabetes, and has contribution for the better functioning of the mind and body. It also reduces the appetite during the day.

The mueslies you can find in a store often contain some ingredients that you would not want in your menu – white sugar, additives, artificial flavors, and the like. But, you can always make yourself home muesli, using the quality ingredients that are available: organic cereals (oat, barley, rye, wheat), honey or organic brown cane sugar, fresh fruit, soy milk (do not use cow milk), walnuts, hazelnuts….

Breakfast made of mueslies with quality ingredients, is one of the best nutritional choices you can make.

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