Best LG TV Commercial Prank

Pranks have really gone a long way from being cheap jokes. They gained a lot of popularity few years ago and are quite a common sight on Youtube nowadays. It seems like a lot of Youtubers like to scare the living shit out of people (plus a lot of them makes decent money by doing those pranks). Yes people, that’s the society we live in.

These pranks can range from funny and scary to mean and just plain evil. Some of them result in the prankster getting his ass kicked (or getting a nice, cozy electric shock).

This is one of those funny but yet so evil pranks. Just think about how would you react if you were among the victims of this prank? Would it be funny then, would you laugh when they tell you it’s all just a prank, or would you be pissed off?

TV’s, nowadays, are so advanced that they are able to produce awesome, lifelike Ultra HD videos which look just the same as reality. It is really cruel to play with people like that, especially with people on job interviews who are often under great stress and are trying really hard to leave a good impression. We really felt bad for those people. . .


Did you guys see how funny their reactions were? That pure look of utter horror they all had? It was soooooooooooooooo gooooooooood

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