Beyonce Is Spreading “Heartbroken Black Female Narrative” Azealia Banks

If you haven’t yet heard or seen Lemonade , here is a brief summary of the rear visual album…

There are 13 songs in the album about Jay-z’s infidelity and Beyonce’s hurt feelings. In the end, Beyonce seemingly makes peace with whatever happened between them and they reconcile. I know that description probably isn’t going to make you want to watch/listen to the album, but you should. It’s more complex than what I’ve described.

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Conservative blogger, Matt Walsh, also shared these thoughts on Beyoncé’s Lemonade album;

“Beyonce” is more a brand than a person. The lady herself is a person, but what’s presented to the world is a carefully constructed and marketed product. It’s a narrative, a story, a walking and talking fantasy novel for girls. I don’t know how much of the final manuscript is Beyonce’s brainchild and how much comes from the team of people around her, but rest assured that everything we see is manufactured. This, after all, is a woman who hired a “visual director” to follow her around and document and stylize her every move.

Beauty Blogger Lisa Jean Francois also shared her view about Azealia Banks and Matt Walsh thoughts;

skepticism shared by both Banks and Walsh is fair. Beyonce’s transformation has come a bit too quickly for some. After all, she’s the same person who sang Cater to You, and likewise Jay-z’s  to reference Tina Turner’s brutal beating with the lines, “Eat the Cake Anna Mae,” in her song “Drunk in Love.” Moreover, she isn’t the first person to laud feminism, so why is Beyonce seemingly getting all the credit for bringing it to the forefront?

What are your thoughts?


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