bitter gourd ; Food as well as medicine

Bitter gourd is a very useful vegetable. It is also a food and medicine. Due to the bitterness of bitter gourd, people do not eat it with much enthusiasm. Children do not like it at all because of its bitterness and thus are deprived of its usefulness. Medical and health experts have described its many benefits and have declared it useful for the elimination of many diseases.

Bitter gourd is grown in hot countries like Nepal, China, Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. It is rough on the outside and pointed on one side. It has a bitter taste. Bitter gourd seeds, leaves and roots are also useful. It contains vitamin A (vitamin A), vitamin B3 (vitamin B3), and plenty of calcium, magnesium and iron.

It does not contain cholesterol or sugar at all. One hundred grams of bitter gourd contains these healthy ingredients:
Calcium 19 mg, copper 340 mg, fiber 3 mg, folate 72 micrograms, steel 430 mg, magnesium 17 mg, phosphorus 296 mg, selenium 20 mg, sodium 5 mg, starch 4 mg and zinc 80 mg.
According to a study, people who keep their hands and feet warm, if they grind the leaves of bitter gourd and make a powder and drink its juice, it is very beneficial.
This liquor also causes hunger. It relieves constipation and is an antibiotic. It relieves jaundice. It removes the deficiency of red blood cells and is useful in getting rid of blood diseases. If there are worms, the worms are removed by eating two or three seeds of bitter gourd.
Bitter gourd has the ability to kill cancer cells.
Bitter gourd is a boon for diabetics. They should eat bitter gourd in the season of bitter gourd, however, care should be taken to eat it in moderation, as excess is harmful. Bitter gourd powder is also found. However, eating fresh bitter gourd is more beneficial.

For those who do not eat bitter gourd because it is bitter, it is advisable to take one kg of bitter gourd and peel it. This will keep the bitterness of bitter gourd away. This useful vegetable can be used for food and medicine. Women cook bitter gourd in many ways. As well as

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