Bollywood Actress Esha Gupta Is Dating An 18-Year-Old Boy, She Clears The Rumours

Jannat 2 fame Esha Gupta still has been trying to make her place in the film industry. Although, her popularity on the social media sites are too high to ignore and all thanks to her hot appearances. The actress posts quite hot and sensuous pictures on Instagram for her 2.5 million followers.

Recently, Esha’s pictures with an 18-year-old boy are getting viral these days. The boy in pictures with Esha is probably Dubai residential and whom to meet, the actress often flies off to the Gulf country.

The name of the boy is Aly Raza Beig and who has an Instagram account named slapvibes. Raza is the son of Splash fashion Brand’s owner. Seeing the closeness of the duo, the rumours of their affair are going around.

Baadshaho actress often shares the picture with the young boy and caption the pictures as: “my love” and “my one and only”.

When trollers tried to troll her for dating such a young guy, she gave it back to them with her message which reads as: “To all the uneducated dumb dolts… he’s my baby… not my bf you sick minded a**h***s.”

However, Esha often shares her sexy images on Instagram and recently she uploaded a few pictures revealing quite a lot of skin and finally was at the receiving end of the trollers like always she received after uploading her hot side.

But, nothing bothered her more and she said, “To all the trollers, it was my way of showing the middle finger by putting out more pictures. If you have an issue with it, block me, don’t follow me. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t like me, you don’t have to follow me. Instagram is the place where you follow only the people you want to, so don’t follow me.”

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