Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce is on hold

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Angelina Jolie decides not to divorce her on behalf of leaving alcohol

Angela had referred to court for divorce on cigarette and alcohol from Brad Pit last year last year, Angelina Jolie abandoned a plan to take divorce after spending 9 months with children, actress Get ready for your new home to get started


Los Angeles ( Newspaper, August 11, 2017) Hollywood’s renowned actress Angelina Jolie has decided not to divorce her after leaving Brad Pitt. The Hollywood’s first-ever pair Angelina Jolie and Brad Piet in 2005 The actor was arrested in love with each other during the shooting of Mrs. Mrs. Smith, and since then he was living together when the couple decided to finally marry in 2014 after passing with 9 years. There were six children, including their adolescents, but their marriage did not last long.

In September last year, Hollywood’s most expensive actress Angelina Jolie had been sent to court for divorce due to differences from Brad Pitt and stressed in the petition filed in the court that Brad Pitt had mental stress due to excessive alcohol. Are victims of fighting and fighting children who have been affected by children.
On the other hand, before divorce’s final decision, Angelina Jolie had gone to the house where she was in the rent house, while Gospel has also requested her children and Brad Pitt to jointly hold a divorce.

In recent reports, the American media has claimed that Gospel has left the plan to take divorce after spending 9 months renting with children, and due to which it is being told to leave the habits of Brad Pitt According to reports, after taking a petition filed in the court, no action was taken against both of them, and Angelina Jolie was shifted to her new house from the house including the children. Preparations are being done when the actor says that it is a big move for us and we are very much in our family. Trying to.
On the other hand Brad Pitt has claimed in an interview that he has left cigarettes and alcohol to return to Angelina.

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