Brief History of Hockey (Field Hockey)

The History of Field hockey or simply Hockey is very old. Basically the Word field hockey is used in Canada, America & some European Countries where ice Hockey is most popular game in these countries. If we recall the History then we have come to know that there is some evidence from 200 BC that similar like game had been played in the Period of ancient Greece & at that time it was probably known as Keretizein. They used to play with a horn & with the object that showed Resemblance with the ball.  hockey

If we further move then from 300 BC, Hockey like game had been observed in Asia in fact East Asia but now with a different way. In this era they used to play with a Special Carved like Stick & with a ball.That Special Stick was made with the wood. Actually the word Hockey came in 1363 & the modern Hockey started in the beginning of 19th Century & the English Public schools played a vital role to give Hockey a modern touch. So in this scenario the First ever Club was organized in 1849 in London (South East). From this Period the new innovations started in Hockey like shape of the ball & some new rules that included striking circle. In order to make Hockey Modernized, Hockey Association comes into existence in 1886.early age of hockey

The 1st International Hockey match was recorded in 1885 & that match was between Ireland & Wales. For the First time hockey was played in the Olympics 1908 & then in 1920. In 1970 all the Hockey nations followed to play under the Governing Body called FIH. At that time Hockey had become the popular game in all over the World. It is the famous proverb that necessity is the mother of Invention & that happened with the Hockey as well. Due to the Changing environment of the Game & with the involvement of the Sponsors, now hockey has become very fast & more entertain able than before.pakistan hockey

In the Beginning of 1970s, the experiment of artificial turf took place that changed the total complexion of the game. Now almost everywhere in the World, Hockey is being played in Artificial Turf. Hockey is the national game of Pakistan but in some books it is said to be the Indian national Game but officially it is not. Hockey is also the famous game in the Globe of the world but in Pakistan from five to six years it has lost popularity to some extent. There are many reasons for this, especially lack of investment & Infrastructure are some highlighted issues about this.women hockey

The Women Hockey is equally popular in the World. Although it is a fact that before the modern age, the women were not played hockey as men played but now the women hockey also modernized with the Modern period. The Women Hockey started from the British schools & Universities & then changes took place time by time & now International Tournaments of women Hockey organize in different Events.

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