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Nowadays, new products are being introduced to make make-up even easier so that applying make-up becomes an easy process for every woman. Until a few years ago, people used to consider only make-up that does not cover the face. Just change it and not only that, women used to go to the parlor and apply make-up saying that the make-up should be such that it looks noticeable and also highlights the facial features.

This is the reason why bright colors were chosen for the use of make-up.
In fact, every woman wants to be prominent and unique, which is why she is aware of the ever-changing trends in the world of fashion and style. Explore TV, newspapers and magazines.

For the past few years, new make-up and light make-up have been the norm, but now it is being replaced by shamri make-up. Different shades, neon and golden colors are being used and shimmer is being used with them.

Just like it was used in 1960. Similarly, if we talk about lipstick, last year the light colors were gone but this year the make-up experts are using more red lipstick. On this Eid you will see bright colors everywhere. Shamey brown and golden colors will be used in eye make-up, in addition to this, shine will also be used in the base which will make the whole face look brighter.

Nowadays, girls do not like heavier bridal make-up. However, the most prominent part of the face in make-up is considered to be the eyes. Eye make-up is also given special importance in make-up.

This Eid, the tendency to apply more than one prominent and dark eyeshadow will be relatively high and using light glitter with light eye shadows will be preferred. Will
On the other hand, there will be a trend of heavy eyelashes and we will use double eyeliner on this Eid. The use of wing liner and double liner will be very much. The fashion of mascara is now out. Instead you can use a golden or silver eye pencil inside the eyes. Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder can also be highlighted.

Remember that on this Eid, the overall impression of your facial skin should be “glossy”, but when choosing red lipstick and lip gloss for the lips, use only matte lip colors in dark colors. They will stay in the make-up, so make your “check bones” ie the upper bones of the cheeks shiny by using foundation and high lighter.
Don’t wear heavy bases, only pink and patch shades are in fashion for blush.

There is no doubt that make-up and women are inseparable from each other. Whether it is a ceremony or festival, wedding or going to someone’s house, women do not go out of the house without make-up. Light make-up. Doing so maintains the beauty and freshness of their face as light make-up removes the dullness of the face which makes the face radiant.

That’s why make-up experts say that when buying make-up products, women should only buy make-up from a standard company that maintains the beauty and natural glow of the face. Before applying make-up, keep in mind that if it is winter, use cold cream and if it is summer, use vanishing cream.

Also, face powder mascara, lipstick, nail polish, nail polish remover, eye liner, mascara, eye shadows, contour, blusher stack, make-up stick, eyebrow nail, lip gloss and make-up brushes. Must be done. To do make-up, first do threading which cleans the face and if you do not have to do threading, bleach it. After bleaching, massage the face. This makes the make-up of the face last longer.

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