Bullied Kid’s Mother, Kimberly Jones, Is A Hardcore Racist — Are You Still #KeatonStrong?

The outpouring of supported that Keaton Jones has been receiving for the last few days is officially over as of about 6 hours ago. In short, once he became the internet’s flavor of the week, people went digging into his family’s past. Internet sleuths found him mother’s Facebook page and, bam — hardcore racist.

Kimberly Jones, the mother of Keaton Jones, the Tennessee kid whose anti-bullying message went viral over the weekend (IAB posted it here), has been exposed as a garden-variety racist. You can check out a few of her Facebook posts up above, but the real slap in the face is how she started a GoFundMe campaign (last I checked, it was up to $50,000) and pretty much got all of Hollywood, elite athletes, and just about everyone else with a social media account to support Keaton Jones, and his family.

So the question now is, do we tell Keaton and his family to fuck or do we do what Patton Oswald tweeted and love the boy because after all, his mother is the hate monger. Oswald (and I’m sure a bunch of others) urged his Twitter followers to show little Keaton that his mom’s political and racial stances are wrong, and there’s a better way.

Before you answer that, you should also know that the word from his schoolmates is that one of the reasons why little Keaton is so disliked is because he likes to drop N-bombs around campus.

Source: Deadline

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