Business marketing strategies to promote your brand or products

So today we talk about strategical approaches to enhancing and boosting success for your Nigerian Business.

There are secrets to success and I know you’ve heard that before. Secrets as the word suggests refers to hidden ideas. Many businesses fail to succeed today, either because they’re doing the wrong things rightly or doing the right things wrongly. To succeed and remain a mysterical success in your business, you must endeavour to do the right things rightly and at the very right time, additionally you must be a step ahead of your competitors, that is to say you must have strategies that though they may be open to the public, but definitely unique to you!

Well, let’s consider 5 strategies you could possibly integrate and implement into your business for better results.

The best products are the best baits! This is a system of baiting your customers and prospective clients by placing the best products where they can easily be seen and appreciated. Understandably all your products can never be of the very same quality or branding, there are sure to be variations and difference in grading whether slight or large. Sometimes you may in addition to expensive or pricey products, have cheaper products as well because you’re trying to accomodate people with little money, yes that’s awesome but as a strategy, always place the best product samples before ones with lesser quality or pricing where they can be seen without much efforts, it has an attractive effect on prospects and clients.

This is another strategy to promote your business, brand or products. Always try to have substitutes for your brand or products available also substitutes for setvices rendered by your business would be an added advantage. For instance, you deal on cosmetics and body sprays. Having different types and numerous brand types of this category enhances promotion for your brand because when people come to you, they have more than one perfume or spray type to choose from, they have a wide array of pleasant scents to relish and select from and this means that every visiting customer would buy at least one or more of your products before leaving. But assuming you have just about 8 different types of sprays and perfume but in large stock/quantity perhaps due to its demand in the market or by clients, well that’s a good idea, you’d make sales and your profit for each is already calculated and known moreover, people know that if they want just the perfume called “Chairman”, they can count on you. But then, you’d be promoting your brand and making more profit plus doing your business more good if you have multiple stock of the same category or different stock types, people would definitely come to you for all such category because they know they can count on you and your brand or business gets more popular within and around you for this.

Well, it’s good to have fixed pricing for your products, preferably tagged on each as supermarkets and mini marts do it, that’s alright because it reflects some sense of professionalism. But if you really desire to promote your brand, gain quick recognition and make quicker sales, then you need to consider being flexible with pricing and sell at Client’s pricing as long as you know you’ll still make gain selling at that price. Its healthier this way because when people
understand your flexibility, perhaps a few bad nuts would love to price way far less than normal but reasonable ones would understand that you are one of the best few dealers they have around. Also with quicker sales, your turn over is more frequent and you can extend and multiply your stocking capacity which makes it obvious to people around that your brand is doing great, it gets popular with this and then more customers want to purchase from you.

Okay so I’ll discuss briefly on this. Your competitors shouldn’t entirely be seen as enemies. Here’s the strategy, try to get close to them, relate with them as friends with the intent of learning from them. This opens you up to their strategies which you can borrow, conservatively if you’re a good observer, you can also learn their success secrets and feast on them. Modifying such learnt strategies to suit your business and thinking out ways to integrate them into your business is one other secret to making it big and creating a leading name for your brand.


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