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Greatest Wedding Photobombs

A wedding is supposed to be the happiest dat of your life.  Your friends and family come from all around to hep you celebrate this special occasion.  Unfortunately, some people use this to get some great photobombs.  Oh hell, these are great and I would hope that the groom and …

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In Honor Of April 20th. . . 25 High Memes

April 20th is the pot heads equivalence of St. Patricks Day to an alcoholic.  It gives them a great excuse to get high and feel no guilt what-so-ever.  In the words of Daniel Tosh, “I think they should legalize it, because then the pot heads will have nothing to talk about …

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20 Completely Explainable Photos

These photos are, well unexplainable.  If you can explain these to me, you need to hop over to our contact form and let me know immediately.  I’d really like to know what in the hell these people were doing or thinking.

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10 Funny Crazy Meme Pictures Meanwhile In Russia

It’s time for us to all check out the newest funny memes and photos on the Internet. Recko talk collect another pic dump of meanwhile in Russia pictures. Russians surprise us, and as per American’s Mother Russia is one of the weirdest places on the Earth. This is why we …

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Taunting A Bull That Happens To Have Fiery Horns

The bull is not hurt. Only the idiots in the ring who are with him are hurt. When i was down that way many years ago – I saw some guy taunting the bull and try and get away by stepping behind the barricade. Unfortunately, the bull was an acrobat and leaped barricade into the ring behind – boy it …

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Donald Trump Speaks at a Fourth-Grade Level

Why can’t people see what a stable genius he is?.You know how the President keeps telling us how he’s a genius? Well, it turns out he isn’t. There’s a website called ‘Factbase’ that did an analysis of the first 30,000 words spoken in office by every President since Hoover, they …

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