Causes and natural solutions for headache

The headache is a common discomfort and improvement of which there are plenty of remedies on the market. We live in a world where science and progress constantly generates and therefore products despite being very positive and beneficial for us, it makes us sometimes neglecting some natural methods and effective measures to combat the pain and feel better .
The treatment for headaches usually focuses on relieving pain as quickly as possible and in that trouble occurs not make out clearly what are the causes of pain. To discover the cause of the headache it can be avoided in advance or even be completely eradicated from our lives. Here we bring some of those causes pain head ignored by us and also some natural methods to remove it :
  • If the headache is something everyday for recurrent and we can find the cause in some other habit that too often do. Therefore, we must begin to analyze what kind of food we are eating, as many of them can trigger headaches. To help determine which foods give us headaches , we should take note of what we eat and drink and be vigilant in the next 12 hours to find out if that’s what causes us discomfort.
  • Moreover, with regard to women, it is good to track menstrual periods , and the use of hormone replacement drugs or oral contraceptives, as these often generate headaches as side effects. In that case it is good to consult a doctor so that we prescribe other medicines to be more consistent with our bodies.
  • Some people react adversely to dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese and cream way. The stop using these products could solve migraine without resorting to drugs unnecessarily. It is also good to avoid foods that contain chemicals such as nitrites and sulfites as dilate the capillaries in the brain, increasing blood flow and causing pain.
If our pain persists after analyzing the possible causes noted above we can try the following tips :

  • The Acupressure , like its ancient Chinese acupuncture, is very good for healing the body. It is applying pressure with his fingertips.A home acupressure and effective method is performed for 5 minutes, the following steps:
  1. With one hand we must press the deep zone of the back of the head at the base of the skull.
  2. At the same time, with the thumb and index finger of the other hand, we have to push firmly into the top hole of the eye socket, right where the bridge of the nose and eyebrow bridge meet. It must be pressed gently at first and then more firmly and maintain that pressure.
  • If the pain we feel our head generates is beating, we can relieve the pressure by pressing with fingers on top of his skull. This type of discomfort is known as tension headache and therefore pressing area for 30 seconds, three times, while breathe deeply makes that tension go and with it the pain.
  • Moreover , the peppermint oil is as effective as acetaminophen, Tylenol and Datril, in reducing headache. It is not necessary to take such medications if we have access to this type of oil made ​​based on alcohol and mint. The simple touch of the solution on the forehead makes us relieve us in just 15 minutes.
  • The rosemary , the lavender , chamomile and other essential oils can also help relieve headaches. Essences made ​​with herbs are highly concentrated and therefore a few drops already be enough to relieve us .
  • Another natural solution for migraines is to divert the flow of blood from head to toes. Placing an ice pack on the back of our neck and a hot water bottle on top of our feet we can eliminate pain. The cooling of blood flow through our neck while calientna feet can sometimes stop the pain that is caused by dilated blood flow generated in our head.
  • The teeth are also often cause headaches. If having tried everything possible recurrent pain remains our best will be the visit a dentist to tell us if our teeth are decayed or worn as this can cause pain.
Finally we want also to recommend seeing a doctor if the headache problem becomes a constant . More than pain itself in certain circumstances can be a symptom of something else and it is good tobe cautious and take away the doubt a medical professional.
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