Causes of fatigue

Often tired people suffer from lack of sleep, as they go to bed late or drink more tea or coffee in the evening.
These people keep changing their bedding for a long time in their desire to sleep in bed. All of them need a soft and comfortable bed and intoxicating sleep. The bedroom should be dark and quiet, where the temperature is also appropriate. If the time of sleep is fixed, then under the influence of the internal body clock, one becomes accustomed to sleep at a fixed time.

Get up to read a book or decorate a room and go to bed when you start to fall asleep. Avoid useless discussions etc. Don’t watch dramas on TV which are exciting. Even several hours before going to bed. Drinking tea, coffee or cola drinks can cause sleep deprivation. Most people need 8 hours of sleep, which is not the case with most. Full sleep calms the nerves, eliminates drowsiness and reduces fatigue.
If you don’t get enough sleep, it can be dangerous, because later on, even if your eyes are open, you may get sleep deprivation, which is a common cause of road accidents. Take a nap to make up for lack of sleep. Sleep as you wish during the holidays, but do not sleep after noon.
Worry and worry
Anxiety is also a major cause of fatigue. If your daily routine and engagement is beyond your means then you are burning your life candle from both ends and you are deprived of as much rest as you need.
There must be a proper balance between comfort and worldly business.
Always sitting and walking
Always sitting (constant sitting) also causes fatigue. The best exercise is a 35 minute daily walk, which should be done before breakfast in the morning or if you can’t afford that much exercise then 10 minutes before every meal. This walk can be done in your home, no need to go far, it can be done on the roof of the house or it can be done where you are working.
If you are not in the habit of walking for a long time, then it should be increased gradually. The sleep of an active person is also sweet.
Eating habits
If you drink a small amount of water, you may feel tired. You should drink 12-10 glasses of water daily. Is.
The diet is high in grains, pulses, beans, vegetables and fruits. Less milk, yogurt and meat, poultry and fish. Dinner should be modest and breakfast should be full.
Diabetes and other disorders
Diabetes can cause extreme fatigue. It can also cause discomfort in the legs and it can cause sleep disturbances. Lack of blood in the body can also cause fatigue.
Flu can also cause fatigue. Heart disease, esophageal cancer, inflammation of the liver and inflammation of the throat can also cause fatigue. Disorders of the thyroid gland can also cause fatigue. Fatigue can be treated with adequate sleep and self-care. If no apparent cause of fatigue can be identified, medical advice is needed, especially when Whether it is after waking up in the morning or resting. However, fatigue after work is natural and it is a part of life, which should not be feared, fatigue can be relieved by resting.

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