Chico full of healing properties

Chico mango is a famous tropical fruit like banana. Its pulp is very soft, sweet and easily digestible. It contains simple sugars, fructose and sucrose. Chico belongs to Sapotaceae family and its scientific name is Manilkara. Zapota is a native of Central America’s forests. It is widely cultivated in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Chico tree grows very fast.

Irrigation in summer produces abundant chicory fruit. Chico is also known for good yields in dry land. Chico is also round and oval in diameter up to 10 cm. Known by many names.

These fruits include Twelve Aunts, Boa Chiko, Chickle, Chikozpot, Chiko, Korob, Miss Pul, Masilo, Mote, Musepot, Nessberry, Nasiro Kwai Tins, Spodilla Plum, Spotty, Spotile, Tri Potato, Pote Chiko, Zapote Morado and Zapotilo. Is famous

The Chico tree grows very cheaply but is also known to bear fruit for a long time. It can grow up to 60 to 100 feet tall. It is a tree that competes with the seasons. It produces a white gum-like substance. The leaves are green and shiny. The fruits of the chico are small and bell-shaped. The chico flows on the peel.
If the fruit is raw, it will be green and brown when ripe.

Raw chico is very sour. When ripe, chico becomes very sweet. Seeds are black or brown and have a white line on them.
Chico is said to have grown in Poketan in southern Mexico, northern Brazil and northeastern Guatemala.
At one time there were 100 million Chico trees in the area. Chico is found abundantly in the forests of Central America. It has been cultivated since ancient times. Apart from the mainland, it was grown in the Philippines during the colonial period and in Ceylon in 1802. It is cultivated in many parts of India, including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madras and Bengal.

In India, Chico is cultivated on 2,000 hectares. In Mexico, it is cultivated on 1,511 hectares. Dwar Pozi, Bangalore Valuvalasa, Juna Valusa, Juna Valusaraund, Gorangan Oka, Thugram Puri, Almond, Brown, Calcutta Round, Dhola Diwani, Finger, Gathi, Kali and Vinjit are cultivated.
Chico grows up to 1500 feet above sea level, while in India it grows up to 4,000 feet. Chico seeds, if kept dry, remain useful for cultivation even after many years.
The Chico tree is able to bear fruit at the age of 5 to 8 years. Different methods are being used for cultivation of Chico all over the world including India. The Chico tree ripens 4 to 6 months after fruiting.

Chico is available from December to March in other countries in the region, including India, but some farmers have managed to grow it all year round, so it is now on the market for sale in most months of the year. Once removed, it can be cooked by placing it in warm clothes. Chico juice is used in the form of ‘Malik Shake’, various sweets etc.

Its pie is also very tasty. It is eaten fried in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is also made into syrup. In the Bahamas, chicory is added to cakes and double breads. When sugar is added while cooking chicory, its color changes from brown to red. Chico is also used after drying.
Chico contains a significant amount of tannin.
Which makes it astringent while tannin disappears after ripening.

In addition to sugar, chicory also contains ascorbic acid. It also contains carbohydrates, glucose, fructose, sucrose and starch. I may be in pain. A liquid called chickpeas comes out of the chicory tree. Chewing gum is made from it. Chickpeas is a tasteless liquid and after drying it is used as gum. Also used for construction and furniture making, Chico is also adorned with healing properties.

Due to Tan Nine, the initial fruit of Chico is boiled and given to diarrhea patients. The fruit and flowers of Chico are boiled and useful for the patient suffering from respiratory problems. The treatment for poisonous animal bites is hidden in the seeds, which are placed at the site of the sting.
Chico is a high-calorie fruit like sugar cane and banana. 100 grams of Chico contains 83 calories.
Despite this, chicory is said to be the best source of fiber. It prevents constipation and protects against colon cancer. Chico is also used in making herbal medicines. Chico is a fruit rich in healing properties. Chico balances the digestive system. Vitamin A and Vitamin C in Chico are useful for eyesight and also keep the skin healthy.
They protect against cuticles and eliminate free radicals.
Adding a pinch of salt to the pulp of chicory relieves constipation by eating it. Chico is also very useful in inflammatory diseases. Its leaves act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Take clean chico leaves and boil it for 10 minutes. Gargle with water.

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