Cholesterol is Hidden Enemy of Health

Tell me, who is the one who is secretly killing you in secret? Palao or biryani, kebab or teak, cake or pastry, sweets or confectionery. In fact, it is in the hands of those who eat greasy foods prepared in the market. Millions die each year. After all, who is this killer? The name of this killer of us all is cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance.
It is essential for our health, so our body makes it on its own. With its help, the digestive system works properly, hormones are produced and other useful functions continue, but only when its amount is increased. When it goes away, this sympathetic and helpful cholesterol of ours takes the form of a cunning killer. It starts obstructing the circulation of blood, which causes trauma and wounds to the heart, and sometimes it even takes the heart and sinks it. ۔

At this time, all the market food eaten with gusto is of no use.
The level of cholesterol in our body gradually rises. This yellow substance, like wax, accumulates on the surface of the arteries as it circulates with the blood, just as it comes out of the vessels in the SINK pipe. Cholesterol build-up in many people begins at an early age.

At this age the child becomes accustomed to eating and drinking habits. At this age, if he is fed a lot of fatty foods, it is obvious that the level of cholesterol in the blood will start to rise from that age and the process of its clotting in the arteries will start from that time. He will have to walk and in the future this healthy young man will suffer from heart complaints, but since by that time the heart will have been irreparably damaged, so this healthy man will have been on the verge of death.

In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to find out the secret murderous activities of this killer before this turn comes. If the blood test confirms this, then he should wash his hands behind his back. This requires a change in lifestyle and eating habits. This is the only cure for the killer to thwart his intentions.

Now let’s see why and how this benevolent cholesterol of ours becomes the enemy of our souls.
The body of almost all healthy people produces the required cholesterol as usual, but when these people start eating more greasy foods, they add lassi to the milk, put the pulp of ghee in the nahari and the ghee drips, the ghee drips. Cholesterol levels begin to rise as more and more eggs, buttermilk, buttermilk and sweets are eaten with pleasure.

It is safer for those who eat more plant foods. For proteins, they eat pulses and beans instead of red meat, fatty chicken and cheese. They eat wholemeal flour. Fruits, raw vegetables and dried fruits. They have foods. These foods do not allow cholesterol to become an enemy.
If the levels of cholesterol in your blood have changed and it seems to be your enemy, then eat the following foods to be safe:

Protein-rich pulses, beans and nuts in moderation, as their oils do not freeze.
Fruits and vegetables, garlic and onions. Oatmeal and plain bread. Polished rice. Eggs without yolks, skim milk, yogurt, all kinds of ghee and butter instead of this frozen thin oil.

Avoid the following foods:
From kidneys, liver and fatty meats, kebabs fried in ghee, prathas and puris etc.
From egg yolks, top yogurt, butter, real and vegetable ghee, tops, ice cream, margarine, sweet and savory products made in ghee and sweets.
From coconut oil and its derivatives. Wisdom requires that each of us catch our killer in time and thwart his intentions.

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