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Are herbal products better? Is a thicker shampoo better? Should everyone apply a daily moisturizer? Can bleaching creams work wonders? In addition, many more questions come to mind. We are publishing a complete list to guide you so that mistakes and errors do not spoil your makeup and do not misuse cosmetics.

The foundation should be spread all over the face, it turns the color blonde.
The foundation is used to cover stains.
It is said that face powder is only suitable for oily skin.
Eye shadows should match the color of the eyes.
Waxing on the eyebrows leaves lines on the skin.

Waxing on the lips of the upper lip makes the hair grow thicker.

If the hair is often cut from the last ends, it grows faster and becomes thicker. Expectant mothers dye their hair, endangering the child’s life.
Natural and herbal products are good for the skin.
That’s right
The purpose of the foundation is not to change the color of your face but it is just an attempt to make the skin color uniform. Cover the part where needed, these parts can usually be the chin, nose and forehead.

Depending on the shade of the concealer, how deep the stain can be.
In fact, the powder is used for three purposes: setting the foundation, correcting the skin tone and controlling the make-up, so it is not correct to consider it suitable only for oily skin.
Separation from eye color creates contrast and looks good.
Lines, wrinkles and wrinkles are caused by aging, not waxing.

No matter how the hair is removed, it grows back, even if the shaving process does not affect the hair growth.
No matter what the length of the hair, their roots are not affected, but the growth is related to the hair roots, short hair does not grow fast at all.
There is no such thing as it does not affect the child, it is better to avoid if you are allergic to any hair dye.
Herbal remedies can also be a reaction. Poison like cyanide is also natural.

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