Corn The best gift of winter

Yes, yellow and white. White corn tastes good and delicious, while yellow variety is good in terms of nutrition. Yellow corn contains beta carotene. Beta carotene. Vitamin A helps in digestion and also plays an important role in its digestion and absorption.
Beta-carotene improves vision.
Corn has a high carbon content, so it grows fast and its yield is high. Corn belongs to the grass family. In our country, corn is eaten with great relish in winter. And sweet kilns are also eaten fried and boiled.

In the winter season, hot and roasted kilns are usually sold by sprinkling salt or lemon on the carts, which are very tasty and people eat them with great relish.

Popcorn made from corn is very popular among children.
Some people prefer simple kilns. Flour is also prepared from corn. Breads made from corn flour are eaten with great relish in winter. Corn bread and greens are considered as traditional and cultural food of Punjab. Corn bread is rich in nutrients. Oatmeal is also made from corn.

Corn is considered as a grain all over the world. Corn oil is also extracted from corn seeds, which is very useful for health. This oil is easily available in the market. This oil is used for cholesterol. Keeps the surface balanced. Thus it is useful for the heart.

According to health experts, corn oil is second only to olive oil, which has very good health effects.

Corn is good for health in all respects. Eating it does not raise blood cholesterol levels. People who have high cholesterol should eat corn bread with greens. It gives the body a good amount of fiber. Cholesterol and cholesterol levels will be adequate. In this way intestinal function will also be better. We should make good use of this blessing given by Allah Almighty. In this way we will be safe from heart problems. Delicious and useful in winter season. Eat corn and stay healthy.

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