Could Agricultural And Mineral Production Be Nigeria's Hope For Change?

Nigeria’s Hope for Change


Nigeria has been a tattered country for decades before current President Muhammadu Buhari’s reign. The persistence of Buhari showed the people of Nigeria that he was a serious candidate who wants to change the country for the better. Buhari’s number one priority is to boost the damaged economy without the oil since the price has dropped drastically. As President, he wants the Nigerians to prosper more from the fields of tomatoes and other labor jobs but catastrophe has recently struck the important tomato in Nigeria. Over the past 57 years Nigeria has made approximately 1 trillion dollars through oil production but Buhari’s predecessors used the revenue poorly. The previous leaders, for 40 years, relied heavily on the production of oil but the value of oil has declined. Buhari believes the oil industry is done for Nigeria so he has ordered the shutdown of many factories leaving more unemployed Nigerians than ever.

Before Muhammadu Buhari took office it seemed as if he would be the leader Nigeria needed. Although he failed his first 3 attempts at presidency, Nigerians all over shouted his name in praise on the streets. They thought Buhari would bring their countries economy to rise. Buhari’s main claim for his campaign was to salvage what was left of Nigeria’s economy. Since the income of oil production for Nigeria has been declining starting before Buhari’s presidency, Buhari has to attempt this feat with other means. The past leaders, according to the current President, were over dependent on oil and Buhari plans to diversify the country’s income through agricultural and mineral production. Muhammadu believes these two factors will bring more jobs for Nigerians as well as boost the economy.

One thing Muhammadu Buhari has improved as President is the security of Nigeria. Since Buhari’s election, the morally enhanced military has managed to weaken the forces of Boko Haram. This accomplishment brought confidence to security forces which have lowered the number of roadblocks and rid of mandatory curfews. Thousands of women and girls have been rescued from Haram’s troops including one of the 219 schoolgirls from Chibok who were abducted in 2014. In addition to holding back Boko Haram, Buhari has also been responsible for putting many corrupt government officials and service chiefs behind bars.

President Buhari’s response to everything ailing Nigeria and to better the country overall is the “change” mantra. This mantra includes adopting a new manner of work ethic, new style of governing, and better the economy. What is needed for a more professional working country is to be more up to date through using modern day techniques and technology to make the government more efficient. Modern day technology can be used to better govern the population of Nigeria but forces federal and state civil services to half their man power. Using migrant worker programs should help to create more jobs for Nigerians as well as relieve poverty in the country.

Buhari’s hopes of being more mineral and agriculturally productive can help Nigerians to be abundant in food productive as well as for export which can also create more jobs. Through all the crisis that has occurred before, now and what will come, one could see that Buhari has been persistent in tackling Nigeria’s economic issues.


Written by: Azees Ishola,  a freelance writer for IGBOLIVE covering Nigeria News & igbo news in its truthful and unbiased form to ndi igbo, diasporean-igbos, Nigerians, Africa and around the world.

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