cumin: Even food, even medicine

Cumin has a special place in spices, but very few people know that it has many medical benefits. The history of cumin is 5000 years old. It is said that one day King Khosrow of Iran gave 10% of his revenue to his wife, the queen, to buy jewelry.
When the queen opened the bags, she was surprised to see that they were full of cumin. When she found out the reason, the king said that these bags of cumin are more valuable than gold, because cumin cures many diseases. It is also eaten as a medicine, to which the queen endorsed, saying: “Peace, O king! The disease goes away.

Cumin contains proteins, starch (carbohydrates), calcium, phosphorus, steel, magnesium, sodium and vitamins. Modern scientific research has shown that cumin oil is effective against many germs. Cinnamon is also used in anti-fouling and anti-constipation drugs. Cumin is also used in toothpaste, mouthwash, perfume and beauty products in addition to removing the bad taste and odor of the medicine.
There are two types of cumin, namely white and black.
Black cumin
Black cumin is commonly used in hot spices and choran etc. It dissolves odors and inflammation. It is also an elixir to remove mucus and gastric moisture.
It is diuretic. Cumin is also useful for women who suffer from shortness of breath. In addition, it also brightens the complexion. In case of flatulence, one gram of black after eating. Eat cumin with water, the complaint will go away. Similarly, for the strength of stomach and liver, take one gram of clove and black cumin and grind it finely and add it to the curry and eat it.

White cumin is very beneficial for stomach and liver. It relieves flatulence, inflammation and mucus. And it eliminates bile. It is second to none in enhancing the taste of food, especially in making rice fragrant.
In addition, for the disease of stuttering, a towel of white cumin powder mixed with three grams of honey and rubbed on the tongue for a few days, will be beneficial. Both black and white cumin seeds not only enhance the taste and flavor of food, but are also medically important and useful.

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