Dehydration in children – child rearing and misconceptions

When the amount of water in the body decreases to an alarming level. This condition is called dehydration. Young children have about 75% water in their body. When they are young, this amount of water remains in their body up to 60%. In general dehydration, 5% of the water in the baby’s body is lost. In case of more than this, 10% and in case of maximum, 15% of water is lost.
Water is added to the body through food and other fluids. This water is excreted from the body through urine, saliva and sweat etc. and maintains its balance. The thirst of a healthy child is also healthy but if for some reason. If the child is not able to drink adequate amount of water or his body is dehydrated, then he becomes dehydrated.

This condition can occur when the baby is vomiting, has diarrhea or when the baby has a high fever and cannot drink water due to this fever. Dehydration in infants Whether it is in an older child or not, immediate attention and treatment is required. Early dehydration in a child becomes a little difficult to detect. It is very important to pay attention to the following symptoms.

The child may not be able to drink any type of drink properly.
Diarrhea and accompanying vomiting.
The nappy worn by the baby for several hours is dry, meaning there is no urination for a long time.
A small amount of urine but dark in color.
Anxiety that is clearly felt.
The following symptoms can be clearly felt in case of excessive dehydration.

If the child’s skin is pressed, it will take time for the skin to return to its original state.
The pupils of the eyes should not stay in one place, ie the eyes should feel sunken and there should be no tears in them.
The face and lips look dry.
At first the child may look thirsty and restless, but later become silent.
What to do
See a doctor right away.
When preparing a drink prescribed by a doctor, be sure to consider the instructions written on the packet and be careful. Drink boiled and cooled water. Mothers of infants should take special care to give the baby a little at a time. Be sure to continue breastfeeding. If the baby is suffering from dehydration, make special arrangements for feeding the baby with the rehydration drinks prescribed by the doctor with the help of a spoon or syringe.
Until the doctor arrives or receives medical help, the child may be given the juice of a musambi, apple or any other juicy fruit, or continue to use cold boiled water. Give the child a drink every half an hour. Remember That in case of dehydration he needs more drinks.
Complementary medicine and treatment
In case of dehydration, the child needs medical attention.
But before that, they can also give supplements. For example, the baby should be given ORS ready drink immediately. The feeding period should be increased by reducing the breastfeeding intervals for the infant. Two years. Dehydration can also be reduced by feeding Scangeben to children over the age of, but always keep in mind that side-effects and medications are only effective as long as there is a regular doctor of the disease. Therefore, be sure to keep information about the storage and use of such items in your home, but do not rely on them as a cure, but try to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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