Did Hareem Shah really arrive in Turkey for the honeymoon?

Lahore (blogger4zero News) Late last month, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) member of the Sindh Assembly, claiming to be married to tick talk star Hareem Shah, videos on Instagram with a Turkish location. Hareem Shah had claimed on June 28 last month that he had quietly married a PPP member of Sindh Assembly and provincial minister and that he would go to Turkey on July 4 for his honeymoon.

Now Hareem Shah has added the location of Turkey in two videos released on Instagram, however it could not be confirmed whether he is present in Turkey or elsewhere. Hareem Shah shared two videos with the location of Turkey, which In one of the videos, she is seen performing to the song, and with the video, she puts the location of Istanbul’s famous street (tepesi g․lensu).

Hareem Shah made the second video in a hotel and it is not clear from the video whether the hotel belongs to Turkey or another city. In the video made inside the hotel, Hareem Shah performed the fifth Hum Style in Lahore on the night of July 4. In the awards show, Hareem Shah said that people only criticize the tick-tock star and only those who are tick-tock are obscene.

Where are such people now and why they are not talking about the costumes of the actors.
The two videos shared by Hareem Shah show the location of two different areas in the Turkish city of Istanbul, but it is not possible to confirm whether they have gone to Turkey or are using the location in Pakistan. Social media platforms provide users with features to include the location of any city and country when sharing content.

It is believed that Hareem Shah had said on June 28 when he claimed to be married to a PPP leader that he had 4 He will go to Turkey for his honeymoon in July and on his return from there he will come to Karachi to announce his wedding.

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