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The beauty of nature’s hair is a blessing, which enhances the beauty of women. Our hair highlights our appearance and makes us look attractive. It is an interesting fact that hair is that part of our beauty. There are those who, if properly cared for, have the lowest cost of repairing them.
It also gives the hair a new style, new confidence and bankability.
According to Geso experts, hair should be decorated according to its texture and type, otherwise it can be damaged, which is sometimes irreparable, so understand and take care of your hair, so that you Easily give your hair a new look or look.

Never give your hair a new look without understanding it. Women completely ignore the health, color and personality of their hair. When they give their hair a new look, all they want is to have the color or style they like. This is a harmful method.
In the present age, the fact cannot be ignored that a balanced diet not only maintains our physical health internally, but also reflects the effects of good health both physically and externally.
Shiny, shiny and elastic hair shows that your health is satisfactory. If your hair is healthy and naturally thick and shiny, then you are lucky. First of all, pay attention to your diet for hair health. Always eat a balanced diet. Avoid bakery products and foods high in fat, especially animal fats. Get in the habit of drinking as much plain water as possible.
Drinking plain water throughout the day keeps your body healthy by removing the densities of your body. Eat foods that contain fiber every day.
Each of our hair has three basic layers. The uppermost layer is called the “cuticle” and plays a very important role in how our hair looks to us and others. It is made up of many cells. (Sales) is caused by being connected in a series on top of each other.
This top layer also protects the second layer. The second layer of hair shows the color of our hair. It contains a natural pigment called “melanin”, which is present in our hair and skin at the same time. It is found in. This layer provides length, good texture and elasticity to the hair.

These layers of hair actually help us to create any hair style and this is what plays an important role in making our hair look beautiful and healthy. When we use different types of hair products. These layers are affected by them and if these products are used too unnecessarily or substandardly, these layers of hair are destroyed and your hair can be irreparably damaged.
It is also very important to massage them for the health of the hair. At least once a week, make sure to massage your hair with any good oil. Apply the oil of your choice on your hair and scalp and with a warm towel. Cover your hair. Then wash with shampoo after a few hours.
If you feel that your hair has become dull and dull, then it is definitely a clear sign of poor health or poor health and soon it becomes clear what kind of body it is inside. What is wrong or what disease is starting?

Poor or unbalanced diet does not provide us with the nutrition that is needed for our body system to function properly.
Most people have an idea of ​​how food affects our body. In fact, hair is apparently lifeless, but it grows because of its attachment to the skin from its roots, and so does food. Get
The skin does all the work related to the hair. When the root becomes weak, the hair falls out and if they are not getting proper nutrition, then the hair starts to break, which we call “hair fall”. Hair Fall) is a condition that causes hair to fall out gradually and this process of falling and falling becomes a disease, but if the scalp is healthy, new hair can grow.

Do an experiment on your hair, grab any hair of the head and break it from the root and you will see that there will be a bluish bulge at the end of it, it works regularly naturally and nourishes our hair cells. As well as providing, it also increases. That is why when we pull and break any of our healthy hair from the root, the natural process still continues to work and the hair comes out again from this place.
Hair needs blood flow to do its job better, for which it is very important for the circulatory system to function properly, and if this basic need is not met properly, then gradually the natural function. It starts to affect, which affects the health of the hair.
There is also a very important point that you need to know and that is to try to stay calm in an unfavorable situation, think positive and stay away from mental and physical stress, because negative and offensive thoughts do not affect you only mentally. They also affect your overall health, hair and nerves.
This is certainly not easy to do in modern times, but you must still strive for it. Come with your willpower.

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