This One Easy Diet Tip Helped Kourtney Kardashian Look Hotter Than Ever

Kourtney’s sister Kim just revealed that she works out 90 minutes a day and rarely eats sugar to weight 116 pounds, but Kourtney has an easy trick that anyone can do with little effort.

Kourtney Kardashian looks hot, hot, hot, and even with all the attention on Kim Kardashian‘s insane 116-pound frame, you have to admit that Kourtney has never looked better. She’s been showing off her body this summer and it’s amazing! One easy trick she does to make sure she isn’t consuming empty calories: she rarely drinks alcohol. I know, I KNOW. There’s nothing I love more than relaxing on a boat with a glass of rosé (just like Brooke Burke did on vacation over the last two weeks) but you also must already know in the back of your head that drinking alcohol isn’t the best idea if you’re trying to lose weight. It has little to no nutritional value. Plus, drinking too much usually leads to unhealthy food choices — hello, 2am pizza and next day bacon, egg, and cheese.

“Trying to stick to healthy eating habits can be challenging if, like me, you travel a lot and also frequently eat at restaurants,” Kourtney wrote on her app. “Since so many of you have asked, I wanted to share a few of my tips. When it comes to alcohol, I am not a big drinker. If I do order a cocktail, I usually have straight tequila (I love ones made from 100 percent pure agave) on the rocks with lots of fresh lime. But, in general, when I’m at a restaurant, I drink water and not alcohol. When I go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, I always order green tea with almond milk and honey, right when I arrive. Having a green tea to sip on gives me something to do, so I don’t get tempted to eat the bread basket while I’m waiting. Also, green tea has a lot of health benefits, so it’s win/win!”

Obviously, avoiding alcohol also means you’ll avoid hangovers, which is also a very good thing! “I don’t drink alcohol often, but when I do my signature drink is tequila over ice with fresh lime,” Kourtney revealed in another blog post. “Sipping on pure tequila instead of mixing it in a cocktail will avoid unnecessary sugars that will leave you feeling hungover. 100% agave tequila has less congeners than most cocktails — which are substances that can contribute to hangovers. Moderation and drinking water throughout the night are also key! Cheers — and don’t drink and drive!”

I did an experiment where I gave up alcohol for a month recently, and I lost weight, snacked less, and got to the gym more. I also swear that everyone kept telling me I was glowing — probably simply because I was more hydrated.

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