Do not ever wrapped in aluminum foil to their food because … Scientists have warned about the threat, warning issued

New York (IANS) usually fish or other types of food aluminum cooking wrapped in foil or save the addition of aluminum utensils are used in large numbers to cook in or eat, but now scientists made aware of the risk in this regard. World Health Organization experts say that “small amounts of aluminum body is easily absorbed. If a person is 40 mg for each kilogram of your body weight is the aluminum body is not a threat. For example, if a person weighing 60 kg could eat daily aluminum 2400 mg, but aluminum foil and the pottery made by people far more than the amount most for their health, which are inserted into your body might prove dangerous. “
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According to the website iflscience report scientists say that “excess amounts of aluminum in Alzheimer’s disease one can kudmagy distractions. Also it can be made even cause bone and kidney diseases and pose a psychiatric many ways besides Alzheimer’s, which is also impeding the growth of brain cells. “Scientists avoid the easy way to it is also noted. He said that “Turkey is extremely easy to use aluminum foil dishes made of aluminum, but has become a necessity. We need that it should refrain from buying pot to cook them immediately, but the warm water several times before these vessels. This process will repeat until the shiny surface might not be blurred. After cooking in aluminum will be absorbed into the food.

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