Do You Really Want To Cut Your Hair? Avoid These 4 Mistakes

Short hair can look so beautiful on Women, but you really need to know why you’re cutting your hair and how to go about it.

Beauty Blogger, Damilola Alabi takes a look at 4 things Nigerian women need to consider before cutting their hair short.

Extreme low-cut for women is not a common thing so when a lady/woman steps out with a close to bald head, eyebrows are raised. I had a major trim recently as you can tell from the picture in the post and I have gotten a lot of reactions.

Friends have asked me what prompted this hair style, some asked if I’m going through a phase and want to talk about it , someone even asked if it was boyfriend drama that prompted this ( I couldn’t stop laughing). As much as people have reacted badly and yelled some people have said “wow! You must be brave”.

A few ladies have told me how they want to cut their hair and asked for my thoughts- it’s your hair, I can’t tell you what to do or what not to do. In this post, I’m sharing a few things to look out for, mistakes to avoid before you cut your hair.

#1. Brace yourself up for the change
The change from a haircut is quite drastic, your jawline becomes more obvious or in my case your cheeks , your shoulder are out in the open and I won’t deny you will become extra self conscious as people might stare in public( no joke). I also recommend you find hairstyle inspirations and also ladies you can relate to.

#2. Why do you want to cut your hair?
One question I have had to answer over and over again is ” but Damie why?” and I answer “I just felt like”. Although my reason for this choice of hairstyle is a lot deeper than that. You need to understand exactly why you want to cut your hair. If the reason seems valid enough to you….then welcome to the team.

#3. Know you face shape
I have cut my hair more times that I have had a weave on, so I pretty much know that a regular haircut will suit me. If you are doing this for the first time, I recommend you do a comprehensive research to know your face shape and also the type of haircuts that will suit your face shape. Finally, search for ladies on low-cut with similar face shape as yours to have an idea of what the hairstyle will look like on you.

#4. Know your Barber well
Earlier this year, I had a similar haircut to the one I have on now I recorded the journey in this video and also published a blog post on 7 reasons you should shave your head. The barber that cut my hair in Jos came highly recommended by ladies and he pretty much did a good job.

This haircut I have on is not the best at all, he came highly recommended by guys so he gave me a guy cut. It’s not the best but I’m rocking it.


Written By: Damie Alabi, a  chick with a killer smile. A blogger that shares her personal style, writes about life, blogging tips,lifestyle and lots more. She hopes to inspire, help and motivate people one post at a time her blog.

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